“We serve health supplements for kids like canteen”

“Canteen” for school lunch and “nine” for 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. when parents take care of their children’s health, Canteen9 is a new-generation children’s health food brand. We provide the balanced nutrition required for growing children the way school lunches do, ones that kids can enjoy and moms can easily manage.

Canteen / Noun / [kæn’ti:n]

· A Place in a school, an office, etc. where food and meals are sold, often at a lower than usual price

· A complete set of knives, forks and spoons

Nine / Noun / [naIn]

· The number 9

Beginning Story

“Happy Mom, Happy Child.”

Canteen9 started with a question–Can I help my wife to manage my children’s health with a single packet that kids can enjoy, too?

At 9 p.m. every evening, my working wife would come home and be busy taking care of our 5-year-old and 8-year-old. After fighting through a two-hour traffic home, she juggled five different kinds of supplements ranging from Omega-3 to vitamin D.

She was already exhausted, and keeping up with the recommended dosage and intake methods of varying supplements only added to her stress. She was also uncertain about how much to give each vitamin, worried about potentially harmful side effects. When the kids complained about the taste and refused, it all made things that much more challenging.

I developed Canteen9 based on my experience as a health supplement brand manager at Amorepacific, hoping to give the gift of careful and balanced nutrition for both my wife and children.

Our Values

“To make health supplements for kids on 5 values all times”


Easy to Take


Clean and Safe


Tasty and Fun


No excess or overdose


Made with KFDA-certified

Our Advisors

“We create healthier future for you together”

Ji Yeon Kim, Professor

Dept of Food Science and Technology

I love that Canteen9 is made for both mothers and kids with warm heart. I expect them to create easy and tasty supplements including insufficient nutrients.”

Natural F&P, R&D

The 1st GMP Producer in domestic

We are continually making healthier life for lives, environments and brighter future.”


Korea No.1 ODM/OEM health supplements partner

We do our best to be a best partner for successful clients business”
(*Source : www.cosmaxbio.com)

Customer Group

Canteen9 board members to show real voice

“We feel bonding with Canteen9 because they do their best to reflect our opinions even though it is trivial. Canteen9 is a real customer-friendly brand.”