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Hey, All! (Mmun & Noon & Bone)

Canteen9’s Hey, All is an all-in-one-set nutritional supplement that allows you to take 12 essential nutrients required for children in the growth period with supplementary ingredients, omega 3 and magnesium.

We recommend that you take it through [Canteen Routine] to create a healthy nutrient intake habit while filling nutrients for your child in a balanced way.

[Canteen Routine]
Day 1: 2 sachets of Hey, Mmun
Day 2: 2 sachets of Hey, Noon
Day 3: 2 sachets of Hey, Bone … repeat the routine

The most important part of children’s nutritional supplements is the habit of taking them consistently and gladly every day.

Unlike medicine consumed for treating short-term diseases, health functional food is important in making changes for a healthy life while consistently consuming nutrients in the mid- to long term.

The selection of excellent raw materials is fundamental! We suggest that you trust Canteen9 nutritional supplement sincerely made even with experts’ consultation and consume it consistently for at least three months.

Children are more likely than adults to perceive health functional food as a medicine, so they often show repulsion.

This reason might make you feel frustrated that your child doesn’t take health functional food even though you purchased the one made of suitable raw materials.

Canteen9 aimed to make a time for children to enjoy delicious healthy candies every day rather than perceiving health functional food as their mandatory medicine. That’s why we developed [Canteen Routine], and now we recommend it as the primary intake method of Hey, All loved by lots of parents.

Most Canteeners take care of their children’s health through [Canteen Routine]. And we are receiving positive feedback from Canteeners that their children who used to be repulsed by nutritional supplements enjoy taking care of health by themselves.

We’ll be so happy if you take care of your children’s health through the [Canteen Routine] intake method

If your child is very picky with food and the size of his meal is less than that of the peer group, you might be concerned like “Does my kid get a certain level of essential nutrients through his diet?”

To relieve many parents of this concern, we recommend using the [Intensive Routine] that enables your child to consume essential nutrients intensively.

[Intensive Routine] Take 2 sachets of Hey, Mmun/Noon/Bone each day for a total of 6 sachets
After breakfast: Hey, Mmun 2 sachets + Hey, Noon 2 sachets
3 hours after a meal: 2 sachets of Hey, Bone
After dinner: 2 sachets of Hey, Mmun + 2 sachets of Hey, Noon
3 hours after a meal: 2 sachets of Hey, Bone

[Intensive Routine] has been developed based on the opinions of parents who use Canteen9. This intake method receives positive feedback from parents with concerns that their children are very picky with food and the size of their meals is relatively small.

However, it is not easy for the children to take six sachets a day in the mid- to long term. If necessary in the short term, we recommend [Intensive Routine]. And if circumstances allow, we recommend using [Canteen Routine] to create a pleasant habit for children to consistently take care of their health every day.

Canteen9 is a health functional food that children under the age of 3 can safely consume because all Canteen9 products use safe ingredients that have passed all inspections by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

However, there are new Canteeners (=customers) who first try Canteen9. They take care of their children’s health by taking at least three or up to five types of nutritional supplements for children other than Canteen9. They might be concerned with excessive intake of specific ingredients. We recommend consulting a professional nutrition counselor about excessive intake via the KakaoTalk messenger or 1: 1 consultation on the bulletin board before your children start taking it.

Additionally, some children are sensitive to allergens. Since most of them are in very small amounts, no Canteeners would worry about allergic reactions. Unless your children have done any allergen test and known the exact allergen, please decide whether or not to take Canteen9 through the final ingredient consultation with a pediatrician.

Because no health functional food is launched separately as a nutritional supplement for teenagers, some parents inquire whether Canteen9 nutritional supplement for children is suitable for middle/high schoolers or nutritional content is sufficient.

Children in the growth period also need substantial nutrients in the growth process, so the content required for each essential nutrient is never lower than that of adults. That’s why adults who have difficulty taking pills with water also take Canteen9 nutritional supplements.

Hey, All is safe enough for middle/high schoolers to take with confidence. We recommend taking it regularly through the Canteen Routine.

If your children need to focus more intensively on the content of each nutrient, such as skipping breakfast and being picky with food, we recommend that they take 6 sachets a day (2 sachets of each product) consistently.

Canteen9 Hey, All nutritional supplement is a health functional food that allows consuming 12 essential nutrients required for children in the growth period and also omega 3 and magnesium as supplementary ingredients.

Consider it as the most basic health functional food for the children because they can safely consume all 14 nutrients without overlapping or excessive intake.

Many parents are also concerned about creating children’s healthy intestinal environment and bowel movements due to changes in their diet.
We recommend that children continue to take not only Hey, All nutritional supplements but also lactobacillus nutrients every day. The intestinal environment is not changed by taking lactobacillus in the short term. It is important to consume a good quality of lactobacillus on a regular basis.

We would like to suggest that you take a look at ‘Hey, Jang’ for lactobacillus products at Canteen9. If you already take other lactobacillus products, we recommend that you consume them consistently every day according to the daily intake method recommended by other brands.

No matter how great a health supplement or food is, it is frequently found that children, unlike adults, do not take it unless it suits their taste. We share [Canteen Tips] that can help you primarily since it has been sorted out through consultation with numerous parents.

[Canteen Tips] How to help your child take it easily without feeling stressed out

Because children have a high psychological barrier that they want to repulse, it is very important that you need to go through the process of helping them recognize that it is not a nutritional supplement but a snack. In addition, we recommend that you do not force your children to take it even if they do not want to right away. Try to repeat to suggest 2-3 times and induce them to take it naturally.

-. Tip1. Express as [Candy] [Snack] [Let’s Eat Canteen9] instead of [Nutritional supplement].
-. Tip2. When tasting the nutritional supplement for the first time, create an initiative environment where your children can enjoy taking it together with the parents.
-. Tip3. Instead of asking a question, “How was it? Do you feel okay to take it?” which requests children to answer, ask them, “Which one tastes the most?” or “Can you express how it tastes like?”, so you can guide your children to adapt to it naturally.

Hey, Jang!

Hey, Jang can be enjoyed by the whole family, from infants to adults.

1 sachet a day – you can take it conveniently without water anytime, anywhere.

Through numerous tests, we have contemplated a taste that people of all ages would enjoy without being tired of its taste. It is a refreshing and sweet ‘prune flavor’ close to tasting like grapes.

Canteen9 Hey, Jang has a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture, and we deliver freshly produced products!

Please avoid direct sunlight and store it in a cool room temperature.

Pregnant and lactating women can also take it. However, it is recommended that you take it under the guidance of your obstetrician and gynecologist since pregnancy brings the most physical changes in a woman’s life. In addition, we recommend that you take a look at the ingredient list and check if there are any allergens.

It is okay to take it with other nutritional supplements. Canteen9’s nutritional supplement is a health functional food that includes no harmful ingredients to your child, so you can take it with confidence.

Hey, Tein!

Hey, Tein can be consumed by all ages, from infants to adults. If you have a newborn, please give one sachet a day by mixing it with milk, soy milk, or water. From infants to adults, they can consume without water.

Pregnant and lactating women can also take it. However, it is recommended that you take it under the guidance of your obstetrician and gynecologist since pregnancy brings the most physical changes in a woman’s life.
In addition, we recommend that you take a look at the ingredient list and check if there are any allergens.

Children need a lot of nutrients as they grow. Protein is particularly essential for building muscles and body tissues. In addition, since adults repeat the process that the muscle mass reduces and cells constantly are generated and destroyed due to aging, they need excellent quality of protein.

Hey, Tein contains A2 beta-casein, which is easier to digest than milk so it helps protein digestion and absorption.